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Cake Poker is one of the easiest poker sites, that is starting to grow into one of the top small poker rooms on the Web. When you play at Cake Poker, you will have all of the typical issues you would have at any small poker site, but for the most part it is a great place to play. There are some good games with soft competition and some great tournaments. Every once in a while, Cake has special guaranteed tournaments that are well worth signing up for. Before you do any of this however, you will need to download the software. It is not that difficult to do, and you should have no problems. Below are the step by step instructions on how to download Cake Poker.

Instructions For Cake Poker Download

Step 1 – The very first thing that needs to happen is the actual download itself. Before you can install the software on to your computer, you need to download it. You can download Cake Poker here. If it does not automatically start downloading, you will just need to click download on Cake Poker. Once you do that, it will download to your computer.

Step 2 – Once you have the software downloaded onto your computer, you must install it. This is the step that people sometimes get confused on. It is not enough to just simply download the software, you must also install it. A box will pop up and you will click on run. At this point, it will start installing onto your computer. It should not take anything more than a minute or two of your time for this to download.

Step 3 – At this point, everything should be up and running on your computer. In fact, it should open automatically and start running. You should see the lobby, where you can look around and see what is in store for you. Check out the games and decide for sure if you want to make the leap and deposit real money into your soon to be Cake Poker account. If you are happy with what you find, then you can move on. In this step, you will need to register a new account. That is where you fill out all of your important personal information and you pick your username. Like most poker sites, Cake only lets you pick that one time. Make sure it is something you will be happy with for a long time coming. That is that, you are finished.

Cake Poker Download Options

You must have a Windows operating system in order to download Cake Poker. If you have a MAC, you cannot download the software. It will only run on a Windows Computer. If you do have a MAC, then you are recommended to use a poker site like Pokerstars, which offers a MAC version of the software. If you do have a Windows computer, then you should have no problem running the software. Just bare in mind, that you need to have a good Internet connection as well if you are going to have any success playing poker online.

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