About TOPS

  • Toponlinepokersites.org, commonly referred to as TOPS, is a popular website for holdem enthusiasts. The site is growing fast and has content that touches on a wide range of topics. TOPS reviews the easiest poker sites, poker site software compatibilities, provides strategy information, and a directory listing the best poker resources on the internet. It is run by a team of passionate poker players.
  • The website template was the work of a graphic designer named Eduardo Mainero. You can see samples of his work at Eyenod Studios . He does top notch work and we highly recommend him highly over here at TOPS
  • TOPS is being localized in a few European languages, so expect to see more international content in the future.

About the Team At TOPS

Hi I’m Sebastian.

I’m the Website Project Manager. I spent a lot of time and energy working on and promoting this site. I hope new poker players will find it useful….

I used to be an online poker player myself, but found out I didn’t have the stamina or discipline to become a professional poker player. So these days I only play for fun.

About me, I graduated a few years ago, and I’ve been working for a major company until now. I’m planning to get an MBA.

In my spare time, I enjoy trout fishing, traveling, and meditation.

This is Kef and he’s my resident engineer over here at TOPS. He did most of the technical work on this site. He has great skills in programming. He even worked on a Nintendo DS game titled “Hands On! Tangrams”. Kef happens to be a master at learning foreign languages. He speaks a little bit of Latin. However, we won’t be translating this site into Latin.

Ladyholdem wrote some of the content on this site. Cathy writes excellent articles for numerous poker news sites, including her own, 4flush.com. She is very well known in the gambling industry as she used to be an online poker player herself.