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Cake Poker is by no means one of the big boys of the online poker world. Cake is just a nice simple and small poker site slowly working on making it to the top. They have some pretty good tournaments, and some decent games during peak traffic hours, but for the most part – the traffic is lacking. If you are new to online poker, then you must understand that the traffic is perhaps the most important part of a poker room. Without the traffic, there are not any games going on and the tables are not full. If you are used to a bigger poker site, then you might be disappointed. If you are looking for something new however, then Cake might be your winning ticket. They where established in 2005 and they are part of their own Network known as the Cake Network.


You will quickly find why Cake Poker has been able to stick around for a few years now. Their software is the strong point, and they can compete with the best of them in this department. In the past couple of years, it has gotten significantly better than before. They have all of the functions you would look for, and they have great graphics. They have taken the real life approach, using realistic avatars. Of course, you can choose between a variety of those avatars to fit your personality. Cake Poker has a good amount of features such as statistics, player notes and hand history. The software is reliable and fast, with very little down time.

Game Variety

This is another department that Cake Poker seems to suffer in. They do not have a lot of game variety. In fact, if you are not a Texas Holdem or Omaha player, there is probably no point to sign up and play. They have a good amount of traffic to their Holdem games, and they do get some for Omaha as well. They have all the different variations that you would look for such as Limit, No Limit and Pot Limit. Of course, the limits vary from small stakes to high stakes, although there is not a lot of high stakes play going on at Cake Poker. The biggest games are in the small to medium stakes ranges. They also offer Seven Card Stud games as well.


When you sign up for the first time, you get two bonuses from Cake Poker. A 110% match bonus of up to $500 as well as a New Depositor Freeroll entry. This is another reason people sign up for Cake Poker. They have very generous bonuses for new players, and you can count on at least that much. The freeroll alone is a nice little bonus that is worth signing up for.


The tournaments are the most popular type of poker game at Cake Poker. They have a monthly $250K guarantee, which is a very popular tournament. A lot of players will sign up for Cake Poker, just to play in that. It is a fairly easy tournament compared to some of the other poker sites. The competition at Cake Poker is very easy and it shows in this tournament as well as others. Of course, you can find many other multi table tournaments and sit n goes alike.

Ring Games

The ring games are not quite as good as the tournaments. At peak hours, you can find some decent games. If you are a low to medium stakes Texas Holdem player, you will always be able to find a game. Since most are, there is a chance you could really enjoy playing cash games at Cake Poker. They are extremely easy with very soft competition.

Customer Service

The customer service at Cake Poker is okay, but nothing special. They have only email support and they do not offer phone or live chat. The email support system is good, but not fast enough.

Cake poker Download

Cake has a really simple download process and our site provides a step by step process here: Download Cake Poker

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