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Poker pro Tony Dunst to host WPT Raw Deal segment

When the World Poker Tour announced they were holding open auditions for a new segment on the telecast, known as the Raw Deal, the qualifications seemed to indicate that the WPT was looking for a non-poker pro, who would be willing to speak their mind and tell it like it is; unafraid to step on toes or ruffle a few feathers.

Well, today’s announcement of the winner, Tony Dunst, pretty much nixed that idea! Dunst is a talented poker pro –he goes by the handle ‘Bond 18’ at the online poker tables—who also does a lot of commentary, writing, and even acts as a coach at an online poker training site; everything the audition requirements spoke against.

Now, I’m sure Tony will do a fantastic job, he speaks his mind, is witty, and knows his stuff, but I don’t think he’ll be willing to speak his mind as much as a non-poker pro would. After all, it’s easier to criticize people you DON’T have to then work with!

We’ll have to see how the Raw Deal segment plays out on the WPT telecasts, to see what direction the show takes the segment –I have a feeling it will be scathing, but not directed at individuals, but more at the poker world as a whole.

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