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Online poker sites go to war over sponsored players

The major online poker rooms are acting like your favorite sports franchise; snatching up any big-name player they can get their hands on. In the past few weeks PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and even PKR Poker have added a number of big-names to their professional rosters.

Full Tilt Poker has been pretty quiet on the signing front since adding Annette Obrestad to their lineup prior to the World Series of Poker, but this week they did add Professional Boxer, and semi-professional poker player, Audley Harrison. Harrison will be fighting for the Heavyweight Championship against David Swaye in Manchester England in mid-November.

PokerStars has been very active; signing top Russian online poker player Maxim Lykov to Team PokerStars Pro, as well as Romanian Billiards Champion turned poker player Toni Judet this week. These signings come on the heels of the site adding Liv Boeree and David Williams to their roster.

PKR Poker decided to throw their hat into the ring as well, signing Scott Shelley. Shelley won the £1,000 No Limit Holdem tournament at the World Series of Poker Europe, and in the process denied JP Kelly a repeat win in the event, and a shot at the record books –Kelly would have bested Phil Ivey’s mark for the youngest player with three WSOP bracelets.

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High-stakes action heats up on Full Tilt Poker in September

The high-stakes poker tables on Full Tilt Poker have been rejuvenated recently thanks to a slew of new competitors trying to make a name for themselves by taking on the best poker players in the world. Players like ‘cadillac1944’ and Andreas “skjervoy” Torvaldsen have been fixtures at the nosebleed tables, not to mention a few Isildur1 sightings, as well as perennial powerhouses like Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan, Patrik Antonius, Ilari ‘Ziigmund’ Sahamies and others.

Two of those players, Andreas “skjervoy” Torvaldsen and Tom Dwan had huge upticks this past week, both winning over $1.5 million at the tables in less than a day! ‘durrrr’, was stuck $800k for the month of September, but is now up nearly $3 million for the year!

Here is a look at the top 10 Earners in online poker for September 2010:

1.    skjervoy –$1.528.586,00
2.    Ziigmund –$619.615,40
3.    DrugsOrMe –$574.508,40
4.    deprimiert –$532.284,00
5.    superbaldas –$487.589,00
6.    David Oppenheim –$418.055,60
7.    IHateJuice –$406.956,50
8.    good2cu –$401.548,00
9.    La Key U –$396.687,80
10.    EazyPeazy –$375.999,80

And of course the top 10 losers for September:

1.    Cole South –$-1.397.665,00
2.    sbrugby –$-1.058.174,00
3.    durrrr –$-793.799,40
4.    Urindanger –$-633.258,30
5.    Esvedra –$-590.150,00
6.    Phil Ivey –$-567.053,00
7.    Fortuna PLS –$-449.760,30
8.    OMGClayAiken –$-373.284,00
9.    URnotINdanger2 –$-335.852,80
10.    luckexpress10 –$-299.700,80

Results and statistics are courtesy of www.highstakesdb.com and article supplied by PokerNewsBoy.com

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Full Tilt still accepting Washington State poker players

After last week’s court ruling that upheld the state’s law banning online poker in Washington State, the world’s largest online poker room PokerStars withdrew from the market citing the recent ruling as the impetus for their departure. Fortunately for poker players in Washington State Full Tilt Poker –and other US-friendly poker rooms like UB and Bodog– have continued to offer online poker games to residents of the one state in the US that has banned online poker.

However, all is not sunny in Washington State: Many fearful online poker players have E-Mailed Full Tilt Poker seeking more information on the site’s current stance regarding the law and were sent the following response from Full Tilt Poker’s customer support team:

“In light of recent legal events, Full Tilt Poker notifies all of its players from Washington State that we are closely monitoring and have been assessing the recent legal developments that have occurred in Washington along with our advisors.

While the option to play real-money poker games of skill is still available on Full Tilt Poker, we will have further information about the status of real-money play by Washington residents in the near future.”

Not exactly the most encouraging message I’ve ever seen. You can be sure we’ll be keeping a close eye as this situation continues to unfold.

Full Tilt News supplied by PokerNewsBoy.com

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John Juanda comes up just short at EPT final table

With his opponent crippled, and over a 4-to-1 chip-lead on two different occasions, Team Full Tilt Poker Pro John Juanda was unable to finish a very game young Brit, David Vamplew. Juanda’s best chance was when he had Vamplew all-in going into the river holding the nut flush-draw to Juanda’s Ace-high straight. A river club gave the recent Fife math grad his flush and from there he battled on to capture the PokerStars European Poker Tour London win.

Vamplew’s win capped off a spectacular month for the British on their home turf:

·    Jake Cody won the World Poker Tour London stop in early September
·    Sam Trickett captured the Party Poker World Open
·    James Bord won the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event
·    David Vamplew won the European Poker Tour London stop

This all on the heels of the Brits winning five World Series of Poker bracelets in Las Vegas this summer, as well as Toby Lewis’s win at the EPT Vilamoura tournament!

Here is a look at the complete final table results from the EPT London tournament:

1.    David Vamplew — £900,000
2.    John Juanda — £545,000
3.    Kyle Bowker — £300,000
4.    Artur Wasek   — £240,000
5.    Kayvan Payman — £190,000
6.    Fernando Brito — £145,000
7.    Tom Marchese  — £100,000
8.    Per Ummer — £66,800

EPT News supplied by PokerNewsBoy.com

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A look at Full Tilt Poker’s new FTP system

As virtually every online poker room moved towards a tiered VIP Rewards Program that favored high-volume players, Full Tilt Poker continued to award players 1 FTP for every $1 in rake collected at the table; regardless of stakes, hands played, or previous points awarded. Well, Full Tilt made a few changes to their VIP Program this past week, but somehow managed to keep their flat point system intact for all but the most high-volume players.

The only players who will receive added FTP’s based on their standing are players who can maintain a 500 FTP per day average over 100 days. These players will be known as ‘Black Card’ players and amongst other privileges they will receive a 2x multiplier to the number of FTP’s they earn at the tables.

All other players will also see their FTP earnings increase thanks to the new method Full Tilt has put in place to divvy up FTP’s at the poker tables. Instead of you personally receiving 1 FTP per $1 in rake collected at the table, under the new method the entire table is awarded 10 FTP’s for every $1 in rake collected. These 10 points are then divided amongst the active players in the hand.

Here is an example of how the change will work: Under the old method a player in a 5-handed game that was raked $3 would receive 3 FTP’s. Under the new method, 30 FTP’s would be awarded, and each player at the table would receive 6 FTP’s!

Even players participating in 9-handed games will see their FTP earnings increase by 11% –1.11 points instead of 1 for every $1 in rake collected.

Full Tilt News supplied by PokerNewsBoy.com

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