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Doyle Brunson talks Poker HOF candidates

Poker Hall of Fame member Doyle Brunson has already cast his ballot for the 2010 Poker Hall of Fame class, and he recently took to his blog regarding his selection(s) and critiqued each of the 10 nominees on the list.

Doyle heaped the most praise on Erik Seidel saying, “I gave almost all of my votes to Erik. Most people don’t remember his cash game play but he was in all of the games in his early career. He meets all the requirements and his exemplary conduct deserves a special accolade. He reminds me of Chip Reese.” You couldn’t ask for a better endorsement than that!

Doyle had kind words for all of the nominees –and they are all very deserving—and not surprisingly, after Seidel  it’s the players he tangles with day-in and day-out that get the most credit from Texas Dolly, Jen Harman and Barry Greenstein.

The most interesting point Doyle brought up is one I’ve mentioned numerous times regarding Scotty Nguyen: Basically Scotty set-back his Hall of Fame induction 5-10 years by his actions in the 2007 HORSE Championship –named in honor of the beloved poker player Chip Reese.

Doyle also shows his respect for Phil Ivey by summarizing his chances with just a single three-letter word: “Who?”

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