Play Online Poker For Fake Money

Many online poker players prefer to play poker for fake money. While it can seem like a waste of time to some people, poker with play money can be a great way to enjoy the game without losing any money or get used to playing poker before making a significant investment on a given website. If you are unsure about the benefits or risks of playing online poker with fake money, this article should reveal the factors associated with no cost online poker.

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Learning the Game

If you are not sure how to play a certain type of poker, it is very advisable to play the game with fake money before betting any money. If you are not sure about betting practices or poker rules, you may make a very costly mistake when playing for real. This is especially important as you will likely not receive any help from opponents when you are unsure about a rule during a real money game. However, fellow players during a free game will be more than happy to help you out, especially if it speeds the game up. During a free game, it is much better to ask about a strategy or rule rather than continually slow the game down through uncertainty.

Testing a Poker Website
Free money games are almost always available on newer poker websites to allow new players to test the software and graphics before actually making a deposit. You can think of these free poker rooms as “test drives” for purchases that may very well be an important financial decision. So, if a website offers free rooms for players that do not have an account, take full advantage of these services. If you were allowed to view a movie before actually paying for it, you would likely do so. Online poker should be no different.

Dangers of Playing Poker with Fake Money

There are some drawbacks to playing online poker with fake money. Specifically, players who play with fake money are much more likely to make poor decisions. For example, an all in call to when you hold a pair of twos may not be a wise call during a real money game, depending on the circumstances. However, in a fake money game, this call will not result in any negative consequences. You can always get more fake money but real money may be harder to come by.

In addition, fake money games typically go a lot faster than real money poker games. Everyone in the game is just there to have a good time and usually wants play to move quickly. This can develop bad habits when it comes to poker patience and quick decisions. After being accustomed to fast games, slow real money games can quickly become tedious and boring.

With the above facts in mind, you may want to abstain from fake money games unless they are used to test a website. You must use the same play strategies when playing for fake money as real money games to maintain solid technique and proper form. By doing so, you may be able to build up a solid strategic and knowledge base before stepping into the real money poker arena.

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