Poker Websites Supported On Macs

As a poker player with a MAC, there is an extra step that you need to take in the process of finding the right poker site. Finding poker sites that are supported on MAC can be a tough task. It can be very frustrating to find out about a great new poker site, and then come to find out – you cannot even download it on a MAC. Fortunately, there are a handful of excellent online poker sites that are supported by a MAC. In fact, most of the biggest and best poker sites do support MACs. Below is a list of the best poker sites supported on MAC.

Full Tilt Poker – Full Tilt is a great poker site, and they do have a MAC download for the MAC users out there. They accept players from all over the world, including the U.S. The software is very impressive, and it works great on any MAC. Full Tilt is one of the few poker sites that has an actual downloadable version of their software for MAC users. You will not be disappointed, as it is truly the best option. The most notable feature at Full Tilt is the ability to play with the pros.

Pokerstars – Pokerstars is another great option, being the worlds biggest online poker site. It is safe to say that this is just as good of an option as Full Tilt. If not, then it is right behind. Pokerstars has been around for years and has a world class reputation. The software is stellar, and you will be please to know that they are consistently updating. The MAC version is fairly new, but works very smooth and it is reliable, fast and the graphics are good. The navigation and site features are well above average and then of course, you are always sure to find the absolute best poker tournaments at Pokerstars. Players from the United States are accepted at Pokerstars.

Absolute Poker – Absolute Poker is a good option, but keep in mind that there are not any poker sites supported on MAC that are anything near Pokerstars or Full Tilt. They are the only two poker sites (along with Party Poker, which does not accept US players at this time) that have a downloadable version of the software. The rest, including Absolute are instant play, which will be played right from your browser. Absolute some great games, and a lot of variety.

Party Poker – Party Poker is another great option for MAC users, and they do have a downloadable version of their software for MACs. Party Poker has always been one of the top poker sites on the Internet. They offer an excellent software package and some very good games. The MAC software runs very smoothly and is reliable. Everything you can find in the Windows version is in the MAC version as well.

The only poker sites that are supported on MAC that have downloadable software are Full Tilt, Pokerstars and Party Poker. The other options are all instant play, meaning that you would not need to download anything to play. The instant play versions of the poker sites have both their pros and cons. The nice thing is that you can play from any computer without having to download the software. The bad part, is that you do not get near as many features and the graphics are not as good.

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