A look at Full Tilt Poker’s new FTP system

As virtually every online poker room moved towards a tiered VIP Rewards Program that favored high-volume players, Full Tilt Poker continued to award players 1 FTP for every $1 in rake collected at the table; regardless of stakes, hands played, or previous points awarded. Well, Full Tilt made a few changes to their VIP Program this past week, but somehow managed to keep their flat point system intact for all but the most high-volume players.

The only players who will receive added FTP’s based on their standing are players who can maintain a 500 FTP per day average over 100 days. These players will be known as ‘Black Card’ players and amongst other privileges they will receive a 2x multiplier to the number of FTP’s they earn at the tables.

All other players will also see their FTP earnings increase thanks to the new method Full Tilt has put in place to divvy up FTP’s at the poker tables. Instead of you personally receiving 1 FTP per $1 in rake collected at the table, under the new method the entire table is awarded 10 FTP’s for every $1 in rake collected. These 10 points are then divided amongst the active players in the hand.

Here is an example of how the change will work: Under the old method a player in a 5-handed game that was raked $3 would receive 3 FTP’s. Under the new method, 30 FTP’s would be awarded, and each player at the table would receive 6 FTP’s!

Even players participating in 9-handed games will see their FTP earnings increase by 11% –1.11 points instead of 1 for every $1 in rake collected.

Full Tilt News supplied by PokerNewsBoy.com

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